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Septic System Inspection

Septic System Inspection

We perform a complete system analysis to Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA) standards.  A septic hydraulic load test should be performed if there is an increase in occupancy in a home.  This test will tell if a system is functioning as it’s designed or if there is a need for repairs or upgrades.  We can also perform septic dye tests but these tests are not as informative when it comes to determining the need for repairs.  Dye tests provide information on continuity and can help determine if your system is leaking.

We recommend a septic sytem inspection be performed along with a full home inspection for homes that are not on the public sewer system.   

Septic System Inspections are just one of the many types of inspections we offer to help you make informed decisions when you’re buying, selling, or considering repairs on your current home.  Click the button below to explore our full-line of home inspection services.


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